Our Projects

Hugs of Love Daily

HOLD is a peaceful 14-day meditation series that uplifts those affected by isolation, supports and celebrates self love.

We created her visual branding, a set of illustrations and her online meditation platform.


A French home decor store offering trendy and unique pieces.

We rebranded and established her online identity and activity. 

Logo V.jpg

trop bon Catering

Trop Bon is a French caterer in San Francisco. They represent the epitome of an elegant, feminine, and eclectic cuisine.

We created Trop Bon's visual branding and brand identity following the chef's vision, before creating a website for them, to facilitate their online booking system. 

La Classic

La Classic is a product line from the brand Joa's Sauce. They created a sauce merging French and American cultures.

We've helped them target their audience with an eye-catching brand visual and packaging.

Logo Classic.png
Sugar Cane Logo.jpg

Sugar Cane Apparel

Small apparel woman-owned business, creating fashion accessories from sustainable fabrics. Sugar Cane Apparel was looking for help to build a visual Identity.

We've helped her achieving her goals with a logo, business card, and stickers to expand her brand collaterals. 

Benchmark Tooling

Benchmark Tooling makes customization possible in the bicycle industry with its engineering innovation.  

We've developed their graphic chart and their logo and are working with them closely to expand their brand identity.

Logo BT Circle Color.png